Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Enter: The Cohort

An initiate stood rigidly in the back of the hall, patiently awaiting Commander Ataroth to finish his evenings ablutions. An elderly attendant stood silently next to him with a vice grip on his arm, warding him off as not to disturb his master.

A thick pall of incense wafted lazily through the room, dense enough to muffle the choir of the Imperial Cult, chanting and murmuring in the balcony above.  Everything was bathed in the heat and light, given off by innumerous candles.

When he had finished meditating, an enormous figure emerged from the billowing smoke --the remnants of which were sucked up towards the ceiling, vacuumed up by the ships ventilation system. The commander stood tall and imposing, being dressed in a simple linen undergarments, and covered in red weals; marks of self-flagellation from his time in the ships chapel.

"Commander.  Long range scanners have picked up several warships dropping out of the warp. According to Imperial Fleet Registry, these vessels haven't been seen in Imperial Space for hundreds of years." The initiate rattled off after hastily dropping to a knee.

"Come." Beckoned the Commander. "Show me on the star chart in the bridge. Give me a full rundown on the situation."

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